We help brands and startups drive sustainable growth.

Optimize each stage of the funnel to increase revenue by bringing in more new users and retaining them for the long term.

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Leverage the power of growth in your business

We can help you to drive exponential growth in your business. At InvenTech Solution, we address and optimize the entire end-to-end user journey for your product. Let our elite team of growth marketers, designers, copywriters, and UI/UX experts handle all of the strategies, creativity, copy, and automation needed to make your customer's experience better.


Awareness is the very first step of the growth funnel where your brands get in front of your ideal users for the first time. There can be multiple channels helping you to drive brand awareness ranging from social media to search engines or even emails and SMS. The best and the most efficient way is the referral made by your existing user in the last stage of the funnel. Thus this is moreover a growth loop other than a growth funnel. We optimize the awareness stage to drive your ideal user to the next stage which is acquisition.


The acquisition is the stage where your ideal users visit your landing page to get additional information about your product or service. We curate an optimized landing page copy with symmetrical messaging that helps your brand with a better value proposition. As a growth hacking agency, we perform conversion rate optimizations on the landing pages which helps to convert users easily.


The user visiting a conversion-optimized landing page, we as a growth hacking agency motivates him to take the required action. Which in case of SaaS is sign up for a free trial and eCommerce is Add to cart. In the absence of a proper value proposition through copy and conversion-optimized landing page, a high number of users drop out here.


Retention - the most important stage of the funnel. It is the continuous use of your product by your users. Naturally, no one will continue the subscription of your app if he doesn't use it. To drive revenue, which is the next stage of the funnel, your users need to be retained. Hence as a growth hacking agency, our topmost priority is to drive user retention to your app.


At the revenue stage of the funnel, we optimize the process that converts the trial users into a subscribed users. As a growth hacking agency, we set up an automated trial expiry sequence that reminds the users regarding the trial expiry and converts that users into a subscriber. We optimize your product to minimize user churns and increase monthly recurring revenue.


It is the last stage of the growth funnel where your existing users recommend your product to others. This is a sort of word-of-mouth marketing that helps to grow your startup. As a growth hacking agency, we perform virality to get referrals which sometimes acts as awareness to other users. Thus this is a growth loop and not a funnel anymore.

How we can help you with growth

Why you can trust us to be your growth partner

Growth Mindset

Our growth team is ready to adopt innovative ideas for growth experiments and learn from them.

Continuous Experiments

Growth hacks are the results of continuous experiments scaled after successful ones.

Data-Driven Approach

All growth experiments are backed up with data that validates the impact and success of a growth hack.

Growth Tools & Automation

Marketing automation along with growth tools is a perfect combination to acquire and retain users.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion-optimized landing pages are very crucial to convert the visitor into an active customer.

Omni Channel Marketing

Advertising on the channel where your users hang out drives efficient cost per acquisition.

What our clients have to say about us

There is no joy than clients giving feedback on their success stories.

Growth Ninja 🥷

Get insights into how you can drive growth to your business.

Growth Toolbox

A secret sauce towards growth are a set of this growth toolbox.

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